Financed web development

Don't put your web and mobile app development needs on hold.  Get started today for as little as 20% down.

How it Works

1. Your service begins with a one-on-one discussion with your Personal CTO.  You tell us your vision and your Personal CTO will discuss your needs and any potential pitfalls.  You'll never talk with a salesperson -- only a highly-qualified technical expert with at least two decades of experience who can answer all your technical and general questions.

2. Next, your personal CTO will prepare a handcrafted proposal.  You'll never receive a form letter or boilerplate document: Your proposal will take your particular needs into account and cater to your exact specifications.  You'll work with your Personal CTO to make sure everything you want is documented.

3. Then it's time to build your project.  Pay as little as 20% down to turn your dreams into reality.  The balance will be paid off over 36 months and there's never a penalty for early payment.


Web Development

Don't just get a developer -- get a team of experts. Your Personal CTO will have at least 20 years of professional experience and will personally oversee your project. Whether it's a small project your Personal CTO code for you by themself or a large project requiring them to oversee developers, designers, and mobile engineers you can rest assured that the best of the best are making sure your job gets done right.

Mobile App Development

Web and mobile apps are inextricably linked. That's why you need the expertise of people who can handle both. Don't worry about making two hires -- contact us and your project will be done right.

Your CTO On-demand

It can take months to find a developer who's willing to work for equity and it can be even more frustrating when that person is unreliable or sparks interpersonal conflict. Keep your equity and stay in charge -- hire us for 20% of what an ordinary developer would quote you and pay the rest off over 36 months.

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Don't put your dreams on hold: Reach out today to get your project done right!


We offer top-notch web and mobile development services affordably by financing the work ourselves.  Cars are expensive.  Houses are expensive.  Web development is expensive.  It's rare for people to pay for the first two up-front, yet anyone trying to get a startup off the ground is expected to have cash in-hand when they're starting their project.  We make it easier by extending credit in a market that sorely needs it and doesn't have it.  If your dreams are bigger than your wallet -- get in touch!  We love helping people growing their wallets to be bigger than their dreams!

The Team

Tim Hunold

Tim Hunold


Tim has nearly 30 years of experience and has been trusted by a roster of giants such as IMAX, LegalZoom, and Google. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more qualified UX lead.

Max Katz

Max Katz


Max has been programming since 1996, and has been a full-time CTO since 2014. With over a decade of consulting experience and a client list including Disney, IBM, and DirecTV he has hands-on experience solving some of the most interesting and challenging of today's technical problems.


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